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Living a Wealth Plus+ Life

What good is it having and abundance of wealth if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it!

My Story - Searching for Something Real and Fulfilling!     

I have spent many years searching and exploring the internet for a way to generate income from home. You see my dream job is to work from home in order to spend quality time with family, friends, loved ones and to travel at my own leisure. This desire has led to many disappointing ventures with mlm's, posting other people's ads, and selling a variety of products of which I had no real interest in. So I took a break and resolved myself to settling for the traditional "punch in the clock" job. 

Then one day a co-worker of mine, who knew my desires of working from home, shared something with me that would change my way of life. His wife had been working from home for several years with a company that focused on health, well being, and building relationships. That company is Juice Plus! I was immediately sold on the product through it's research and support by the medical profession. I must admit, that my health was not my priority at the time of joining the company. I was simply glad to find a product that I could genuinely believe in and share with others. After years of investing in products and services that did not live up to their promise, I was impressed with the backing and support of Juice Plus

Of course, I had to become my own customer and consumer of Juice Plus before I could feel comfortable and confident enough to share with others. Like I mentioned before, Juice Plus is changing my way of life. I was not really interested in my health before, but now I am practicing how to eat healthier (more whole foods), reading labels (I never read or cared to read labels), exercising- running even (5K events!). Now, I'm no health fanatic or exercise geek, but my perspective has definitely changed. Thanks to Juice Plus, not only do I still desire to be wealthy, but also to be healthy enough to enjoy my incoming wealth! 

If you would like to learn more about my story and or how to improve your health and increase your wealth while doing so, send me an email to

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