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January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Have you broken your New Years resolution already? Need a monthly plan that you can stick too? Check out the Doctor's New Years 12 Month Plan. It gives you monthly challenges that can be simple to meet. Each month the challenge changes, to keep you from getting bored or brushing it off. For example in January you may committ to going in for a check up. In April you may committ to adding and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Sounds simple enough, right? They even provide you with a Monthly log to track your progress. Visit the site here and see the plan for yourself. Good Luck!

Also check out my recommended Read for the Year: Every Day a Friday by Joel Osteen
I just bought a copy for myself and love it! In true Joel style the book is down to earth and very funny. It's uplifting, enlightning and gives the reader some simple life adjustments that can turn every day into a Friday! Try it for yourself and this year learn to live like it's Friday!