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December 30, 2011

A Year in Review- Counting my Blessings!

Since my last post, I have had to face some personal challenges. The relationship between me and my oldest son was very strained and had reached its breaking point. I was also feeling very stagnant and unfulfilled in my job.  Needless to say I found myself in a very long lasting funk! What pulled me through; the support of my family, especially my brother and his loving wife and a readjustment in my attitude. 

Although I am an avid reader on positive thinking, the challenging time in my life had caused me to revert back to some old habits-negative thoughts.  I needed to apply some of the things I learned.  As I mentioned the support of family and friends allowed me to refocus on self and make the needed adjustments. The first step was to renew my efforts and count my blessings.  So once again I picked up my gratitude journal and begin writing.  I’m not going to tell you that my life was instantly wonderful after writing in my gratitude journal, but each daily (sometimes only weekly) writing exercise brought about a sense balance between what I perceived to be the good and bad in my life. It also allowed me to open up to others, who would often share their life experiences, which would help me to see, that I was truly blessed. There’s always someone who is facing tougher challenges than you, so be thankful for what you have.  So thank goodness for my family, friends, my house, my job, and my health!  Today my son and I have a much more positive relationship.  This is his first year in college. He is doing very well and I am so proud of him!

 I also learned that positive thinking alone is not going to magically answer your prayers. You also have to put Action behind your thoughts! So I mentioned feeling unsatisfied with my job and very stagnant.  Although I current work in the same place, I have tried to renew my job outlook by simply becoming more involved.  I joined several committees and participated in several job related social events (things I often avoided).  My increased participation has given me a different perspective and has given me some insight on how to use my skills and talent to create something new for me to work towards. I currently head up my own committee and have re-invested in myself and my future. In six months I look forward to obtaining my Master’s Degree and shaping my own destiny!  I am truly blessed!

The things we seek reside within, so take time to connect with yourself and find what you are looking for! The past year(s) have been racked with challenges but also filled with many blessings.  What have you been blessed with this past year?