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June 20, 2009

Yes I Can!

I have finally reached the point in my life, where I have come to the realization that I Must be the Creator of my own Destiny. I mean, the only life I am going to have, is the life I create for myself. No longer am I to blame others, situations or circumstances for my perceived shortcomings in life. With the inauguration of President Obama, I too have adopted the phrase "Yes (I) Can!"

So I have set a course that will I believe will add quality and wealth to my life. My primary focus though is to reshape my mind and thinking in order to tap into the universal laws of attraction. The next step is to develop a plan that will allow me to generate wealth and income from home, in order to create a life that is full of purpose, quality, financial freedom, and personal development.

Therefore Yes! I deserve a better life! Yes! I deserve to have quality time with those I love! Yes! I deserve to work smarter not harder! Yes! I deserve to travel! Yes! I deserve a life full of wealth and abundance! Yes! I deserve a life full of Love! Do I believe that I can accomplish these things? Yes I Can!!!

Do You Believe that You Can?

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